Investment Management

Do you know EXACTLY how much risk you are taking with your investments?

Do you have a risk management strategy in place?

Is your investment portfolio in line with your Investment Policy Statement?  Do you HAVE an investment Policy Statement?

If not, consider talking to Founders Wealth Management and Planning.

We offer custom investment services with a focus on disciplined risk management and preservation of capital. We do NOT provide one- size- fits- all portfolios. 

Our Core Philosophy

  • Unbiased investment management and counsel
  • Relentless focus of risk management
  • We never forget that it can take a lifetime to earn and build wealth and we deliver custom portfolios aimed at preserving that wealth.
  • Strive to be tax efficient when applicable.
  • Provide every client with a detailed Investment Policy Statement to articulate risk guidelines, return objectives, acceptable investments as well as communication and service commitments.  This serves as the operating manual for the portfolio.
  • We provide rigorous quantitate analysis such as:

Monitoring portfolio volatility using Beta analysis so that we have an ACCURATE risk measure.

Analyzing portfolios with MPT and Post MPT tools such as Sharpe Ratios, Correlation, Treynor Ratios, Upside/Downside Capture Ratios to further measure and monitor risk and performance.

Calculate ‘Duration’ data for fixed income holdings to minimize bond risk.

AIMR-compliant performance reporting so you know exactly ‘how are we doing’.

  • We use both strategic and tactical asset allocation to deliver a portfolio customized to your specific targets and risk tolerance, again to take the minimal risk necessary to achieve your objectives.
  • We rebalance all portfolios on a regular basis.
  • We keep costs and transaction cost low using ETF’s wherever possible.  We choose not to use expensive ‘SMA Money Managers’.

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