Retirement Income Management

Retirement is different today.  It is more active, more expensive and will likely last longer.  For a 65 year old couple today there is a 50% chance that one of them will reach the age of 88, and those numbers are extending every year that passes.  It now falls to today’s families to create income from their investment accounts that allows them to move to the next phase of life with a degree of certainty that they will have the income they need for as long as they need it.

Q.  How much income will it take to support your lifestyle?

Q.  How much of that income will be generated from your personal assets?

Managing your retirement income requires addressing key risks.

  • Outliving your money (Longevity Risk)
  • The impact of inflation
  • Financial market declines and volatility
  • Withdrawing too much too soon
  • Being too conservative or being too aggressive
  • Being poorly diversified

We at Founders Wealth Management and Planning believe it is critical to combine income from multiple sources to forge an effective, diversified income stream in retirement.  This is primarily because no one investment income source meets ALL of the aforementioned risks to retirement.  For instance, one investment pool may address inflation risk, another longevity risk while another minimizes market risk.   

No one person or family is the same.  At Founders Wealth, we provide a customized, personal income plan.  Each separate part of your plan serves a specific purpose.  Combined, your plan may provide income for life, protection from inflation as well as mitigation from the other risks to retirement.

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