Tax and Estate Coordination

We have a different take on Estate Planning and Tax Coordination at Founders Wealth Management and Planning. Many view it as legal documents to minimize taxes after you pass. We view it as leaving a legacy of values and love to whom and what is important to you. Allow me to use a golf analogy with Jack Nicklaus. If you were Jack, would you rather leave your children and grandchildren your trophies or would you rather leave them your golf swing and work ethic to be great.

We have seen firsthand the dangers of poorly executed estate planning. Leaving lump sums of money that is gone in a short time, doing more harm than good. Or leaving money to an adult child that is later lost in a divorce.

A well-executed plan can serve to take care of loved ones, incentivize their future, leave a legacy for a future generation, minimize probate costs, and provide guidance during a difficult time. A properly designed plan, when coordinated with a tax strategy, is more than trusts and wills. It is financial, tax, medical and business planning. It can provide guidance about how assets are managed in your lifetime should you not be able to manage them yourself.

We will work hand in hand to develop, execute and monitor your estate plan with your other advisors such as CPAs and attorneys. We will coordinate reviews to make sure everything is up to date, as well as coordinate these plans with other members of your family if you desire to provide assurances and communication.

At its simplest, your estate plan coordinated with your tax strategy assures your legacy and reduces stress and hardship for your loved ones.

And that is a fine thing indeed.