Time For Thanks

Mon, Dec 02, 2013 at 1:30PM

My intent with this space is to hopefully provide a small bit of knowledge and wisdom to help you better manage your wealth and perhaps avoid a few financial bumps in the road in the process.

As I mentioned last month: why do we work to accumulate wealth and manage it?   I think for the majority of us, it is to fund our life, our goals and our aspirations - the big things and small things that we call life.

As this article comes out shouldered by the Holidays, I decided a different message was in order. I want to declare how thankful I am for my wealth. My true wealth. My family: my beautiful wife and wonderful
kids (although it is a stretch to call them kids anymore) and my extended family to whom I am blessed to be so close.  I am thankful for our clients with whom I share wonderful conversations and have become more than friends over the many years.  I give thanks to my partners in business and the dear friends that add so much to our life. I am thankful for having won the lottery in life for having been born in the best country in the world, and for the men and women who defend us and keep us free.

At Founders Wealth Management and Planning, we believe in the concept of Total Wealth. Certainly it involves your assets and the diligent care of those assets. But it involves so much more.  It is about your loved ones that these assets provide, the lifestyle that fulfills you, your health, spirituality and peace of mind and the charitable institutions important to you. Total Wealth. Today and for this season, I hope we may be thoughtful and thankful. May we all keep in mind the
true meaning and importance of these Holidays.

And it doesn't involve Black Friday shopping.

Eggnog, well that's another story.

Happy Holidays

Owen Schrum


Time For Thanks

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