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Extremely Personal, Service with a Plan

You’ve worked your entire life to build your wealth. There are many choices for investing your money, the end result of all you have worked and sacrificed for. Perhaps a big brokerage firm, owned most likely by a big bank. Press 5 and leave a message. Or an online firm, tools aplenty for the trader in you.

Or perhaps you are the type that seeks the smarter path. An independent, fiduciary based firm committed to you and your best interests only. A firm partnered with the best of custodians and partners, Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab. One that knows not only your kids’ names but your CPA and Attorney as well. Instead of worried, you feel...confident.

Meet Founders Wealth Management and Planning. We built our firm on a client service model to be very different from most. Why are we different in our commitment to you?

Founders Wealth Management

We contact you for regularly scheduled communications

With relevant, meaningful discussions. No surprises, no complex jargon.
Learn more about our '12 and 4 and 1 process'

Founders Wealth Management

We ask the right questions, and have the experience to LISTEN

This helps us to have a deep understanding of everything important to you and a clear understanding of all that is going on and help you:

  • Weed out the complicated...
  • Avoid the blind spots...
  • Lay out clear and concise answers...
  • And not blow up your retirement portfolio. (just so the NSA knows, not literally!)
Founders Wealth Management

While many "promise" superior service

Founders provides you with a WRITTEN SERVICE COMMITMENT. Learn more >>

Founders Wealth Management

Does YOUR Firm provide you a FIDUCIARY PLEDGE? We DO.

Learn what a FIDUCIARY is and why it is SO important to YOU. Learn more >>

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